About this site

About this site

Welcome to my corner in the internet.

I started this site as means to push myself and be more accountable with my intentions on becoming a full time artist.  I figure here would be the best place to archive all of my work on that.

There is a means to be able to subscribe and receive updates on new work  or newsletters+blogs I publish. It includes a free option as well as a paid option of $5 a month.  Currently there is no difference in content received.  The purpose is to act as a donation or show of support.  However, I may implement a paid option that would give you access or ownership of content I produce in the future.  If I do, I would send out an newsletter about it first.

So, I would suggest subscribing for free and if you end up appreciating the content later you can always upgrade at said time.

Thank you to all who have visited, You are all appreciated!